【NOTÍCIA】Weibo! 27.07.13 News [ Chinese e ENG ]

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【NOTÍCIA】Weibo! 27.07.13 News [ Chinese e ENG ] 

Alen’s Weibo (Mr_Believable)

[CHN] 谈谈我的缺点吧___我是一个挺绝对的人 对事情的认知也是 判断也是 同时处理事情的方法上也是 像硬币一样 只有正反 但其实一个人的棱角会慢慢被时间磨平 与其说是改变 更像找到了自己生活的方式 其实无论如何改变 知足常乐 心安理得就好。真的感谢爸 妈 还有一直陪伴着我的你们 我会更优秀 为了你们。

[ENG] Let’s talk about my weaknesses___I am a pretty absolute person (T/N: consider right is right and wrong is wrong). My understanding and as well as my judgement to things. Also the way I solve things is just like a coin, only the two sides - heads and tails. But actually a person’s rough edges will slowly be smoothed out by time (T/N: meaning that he will change as time passes). Rather than saying it’s change, it’s more like I figured out my own way to live my life. Actually no matter how I change, feeling content brings happiness*, and having a clear conscience* is good for me. Really want to thank my parents, and all of you who is always accompanying me. I will become even more outstanding for all of you.

Any mistakes in translations are mine. Alen uses two idioms here: 知足常乐 and 心安理得 that roughly convey his meaning in the translation above but loses some of their impact due to the differences in the two languages.
知足常乐: Feeling content that you are good enough and be happy for who you are.心安理得: Knowing you did nothing against your morals and feeling at ease and justified without any guilt.

cre.(translated by xpixelatedz)
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